Monday, September 17, 2012

New Location

This has been a great site for me to begin blogging, but for more recent posts visit me at

Thank you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Moments At The Beach

I absolutely LOVE being around water. There is nothing more calming, chill, or peaceful than watching waves shuttle back and forth between land and sea, the feel of sand sliding between your toes and kites being flown overhead. Sand  + water + a sunny day = me at the beach.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!!

I realize I have been fairly quiet on my blog page. Presently, I am in the process of creating my own web-page and most of my creative efforts have been focuesd on getting that up and running. Lol. I wish I could say it's easy, it's not, but it's not impossible. Thankfully, I know a couple of people that are a bit more technically savvy than myself, and I am asking questions, getting support and learning as I go how to do it on my own. I love the idea of being able to say I have my own web-site. I will keep you all updated on how this is coming along. In the meantime, I felt compelled to drop a line, and say hello. So I'm saying "hello" and also good night. Until next time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am in a state of utter contentment
over-zealous with great expectations
undaunted by my circumstances
challenged but not defeated
disheveled but not dismayed
my faith is renewed daily
by obstacles that serve as a reminder of who I am
and whose I am
a child of the most HIGH
and even though my exterior may contradict my interior
my speech may be riddled with the incorrect use of word tenses
"i worded.."
my tongue may expose my status as that of a pauper
yet despite my ineptitude in grammar
i understand the power and purpose of
my body into a point
of humble submission
on ashy knees bent on wooden floors
arthritic joints
to porous hands mingled with the scent of fresh cloves, ore and rag paper
my bliss
is not contingent on external circumstances
rather it is an inner knowing
a secret that is whispered into the depths of my sleep
a reminder
settled into the banks of my bones
that this too shall pass.
and somehow this innate knowing
carries my heart to a resting spot
appropriately called
His arms.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Soon..

I am working on my blog..stay posted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Process

by Gigi McQueen

he dont love me
he just using me
and im going to let him
use me
this time
this time
this time
he dont want me
he just saying he do
and im going to let him
run game
this time
i am
i've been
he dont need me
he just saying that because he knows its what i want to hear
so he telling me
whispering it in my ear
sending it to me via text
i am what he do when he has an emergency
because he dont know what to do when he has an emergency
other than me
so ima let him
this time
this time
this time
this time..
this time it is different
this time he says my kiss is dry
this time i don't mind if he don't call
this time i didn't show up
this time i don't return his call
this time i don't answer the door
this time no one is here but me
this time i may break but i didn't crumble
this time it is no longer funny nor accepted as cute
this time old school hip hop, prayer, good company, books are getting me by
this time i don't want to talk about it
this time i am calling my own name
this time he is wondering why
this time he is speaking from his heart
this time i am listening but i am moving on
he can't keep up
this time i am no longer remorseful but thankful
this time i am beginning to get it
this time i am surprised i had it in me
this time it is all good and it really it is
this time I am changing and no one knows it but me
no one knows it but me
no one notices but me

the process

My Weekend

It is a little after 1 am. I am unable to sleep, which is not unusual for me. Something I have grappled with for the past two to three years. I've seen a doctor about the problem, but sleeping pills nor deep breathing exercises seem to really work, there are are ony two things that seem to alleviate my insomnia.

a. Prayer
b. Writing

I've done the former. Working on the latter. Listening to A Tribe Called Quest on Love Tribe. I wish they would do another album soon. (Hint to D) Went to my 20th high school reunion. It was great seeing folks I hadn't seen since we parted ways June 12th, 1989. A friend of mine, was glad I came, jokingly said to me, "Gi, you finally decided to come out of the Negro Protection Program." I laughed. Zetha picked me up and we drove to Middle Harbour Park in West Oakland, couldn't have asked for better weather. Perfect. Alot of us have gained weight. Some had kids. Some didn't. Some were single. Some were married. Some were still deciding. Although, it was wonderful seeing folks, hamburgers on the grill, guys playing dominoes, ladies playing spades. I left the day content on seeing everyone, yet realizing that those who I see or talk to on a regular basis will not have changed. That my circle of close friends has remained the same, it is unaltered.

My Weekend

tomato chicken and rice
dragon boats and treasure island
$4 toll bridge
I pay you ride
pretty boy Frank
N.Y times and L.A.
perfect weather for a perfect day
he hugged me a little longer
than most
not him but him
scared shitless
I am... Sasha Fierce... on paper
broke a nail playing catch
anna shows me her purple cast
sade calls me "auntie gigi"
I feel unchanged
Z says "girl please"
I needed that
I tell him
I am not shy
Friends first
look Mom no hands
I don't think they understand
trying to do a handstand with no hands
is hard
damn near impossible
Daniel 1, Psalm 103
Are you there God??? It's me Gigi.